Top Social Networking Sites People Are Using

Top Social Networking Sites People Are Using

What are the most popular social media sites in 2017? Well, there are quite a few, and each one has a dramatic impact on the way everyday people communicate. As the internet grew in the early 2000s, innovators began to realize the importance of online interactions. Of course, everyone would use email and basic instant messenger applications, but there really was nothing like MySpace.

There were several prototypes of social networking sites that resembled MySpace, however none of them really stuck. Fast forward a few years, and MySpace was the biggest thing out there in terms of social networking. It’s obvious what happened later when Facebook arrived to the scene.

Along with the revolutionary impact of Facebook, many amazing networking sites started to emerge. Below is a list of the current most-used social media sites.

Facebook is easily the leading social networking site in 2017. Facebook completely changed the landscape of what it means to be a social networking company. It completely dominates other competitors, in terms of numbers, receiving around 2 billion users per month and over a billion visitors each day. The social media giant has its paws in almost everything that is related to online communication.

Facebook Messenger is at the top of the instant messenger category, competing with WhatsApp, which Facebook owns. Facebook also owns Instagram, which is dominating social networking and is on this list.

Twitter is a social networking site that brings instant news, and conciseness with tweets that get to the point. The 140-character limit is a great feature and promotes a new style of language within the online world. The ability to have followers, who do not necessarily have to know you, is also extremely useful.

Sending out tweets on any topic to re-tweeting your favorite celebrity’s thoughts, Twitter allows people to express themselves in a new way. Many people enjoy the constant evolving nature of the website, and how it always feels fresh to use.

Are you a professional looking to connect with other professionals? Linkedln is the perfect social network meant for networking. This website provides a platform for workers to advertise themselves, and build powerful relationships with others. Linkedln allows users to reach enormous amounts of experts to provide or apply for jobs.

Google has been trying for years to launch a successful competitor against Facebook, and failed a few times until Google+ came along. Google+ has a goal of improving some of Facebook’s features, such as friends and privacy control. Google+ also uses some similar Twitter concepts, however many consumers still see it as a Facebook wannabe. Throughout all of this, Google+ has received tremendous success and growth over recent years.

Feel like watching a video? Head on over to YouTube, the second-largest search engine after Google, which acquired the insanely popular video-sharing platform over a decade ago. Got a video to upload? Share it on YouTube where millions of people around the globe visit daily. So many creators have had their beginnings thanks to YouTube. Most videos are free to watch, which is one reason why everyone loves it. With the ability to effortlessly upload a video and have it available for the entire world to see, there is nothing like it.

A viewer can watch a video from someone random, like the video, comment, share and subscribe. All of this can be done in less than a minute, and this interactivity is what makes YouTube so awesome.

Instagram is one of the leading social media sites when it comes to photo-sharing. You have a few nice pics to show friends and family, then upload them to Instagram because everyone there loves photos. Instagram influencers became very popular recently, as well as advertisers focusing on the site more and more.

Pinterest is a very popular social networking site, as well as a prominent search tool. It has a unique look where photos are arranged in a scrapbook style. The best images can be organized in categories, which makes it so powerful and makes it easier finding great content.

Tumblr is a large blogging social media site where users manage their personal blog pages and build a brand. You can gain followers and have your blog posts reposted by others who enjoyed the content. Tumblr is an amazing way to enter the writing world and grow a following, including valuable experience.