Parents Need To Stop Kids Bingeing On Social Media

Parents Need To Stop Kids Bingeing On Social Media

In todays society, social media plays a big part in a child’s life. This is unfortunate because years ago, it was not necessary to have a social media account. Some say that perception is reality, but that is not true especially if that perception is coming from the internet. A lot of lies, bullying, and even crime is found on social media. This can be a huge influence to the younger generation. Almost everyone is active on social media in this time. For some, it is so addicting that it controls his or her life. It is mostly effecting children and is causing them to binge off of these social websites. Most kids believe the nonsense that goes through the internet and that is why parents need to step up and stop this from happening.

There are so many lies told on social media. For example, celebrity articles are very common to be viewed because society is always interested in what is going on with a famous persons life. But some articles may say things like a certain celebrity has died when that is not the case at all. The term that is used the most is “rumour has it” or “did you hear?” For most kids, they believe the rumour is true. Wether the rumour is logical or not, kids find it to be entertaining to go along with it even if it is wrong. If kids know that the rumour is a lie, that can give them the idea that lying is not bad. This is when parents have to tell their children that this is wrong and should not believe everything you see on the internet.

Believe it or not, bullying can decide a child’s life. Social media happens to be the number one source to bully someone on the internet. It is safe to say that not everyone is mentally strong. For some people, words can hurt more than physical damage. A person who talks about a kids weight,race,interest or any other condition in a negative way means that they are purposely trying to hurt his or her feelings. There has been true stories in the past of children committing suicide because of online bullying. This is something that needs to be stopped to protect our children lives. Ignoring online bullies can be hard but it can increase mental strength if it can be ignored. The best solution to solve this problem is simply staying away from social media.

Social media has gotten worse every year with people looking for attention. Some people are willing to do anything to become popular online. Despite the consequences that can be received if caught, crime videos on social media has become a normal thing. This is another source of entertainment that children find amusing and can be easily influenced by these videos. Stealing from stores, doing drugs and fighting are just a few examples that can be seen on social media.If the people who commit these crimes become popular, kids will believe that they can become popular as well from doing the same thing.

Negativity on social media is not the only thing to worry about. Since social media is so addicting for kids, this can be a problem regarding to their education. School is important for kids to focus on their future careers and goals. Time is very valuable. This is something that is needed for success. But instead of using time to study, a lot of kids spend their time on social media. This can be a problem for parents when they see their child’s next report card in school. This is why parents should set certain times when their child can go on social media and if they abuse it, they should take it away. Good discipline plays a good part with children and social media.

There is only so much we can do to stop kids from engaging so much on these online platforms. Setting parental controls can be a start but as kids get older, they become smarter and they some how have better knowledge of today’s technology than the average adult. That is why talking to these kids would be the best option. Social media is not all bad. It is not suppose to be something negative. But in the world that we live in, there are negative people that will try to influence you. These people will try to change your life in the wrong direction and make you lose focus on what reality is. Kids are bingeing on the internet and it can effect how they live their lives. In conclusion, parents need to convince their children that social media is not needed all of the time and teaching whats right and whats wrong can influence them to be less active on social media and focus on a better future.